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  • Entrance by tryout
  • Different levels
  • Structured learning
  • Artistic gymnastics
  • USA Junior Olympic Program


  • Once a week
  • Starts at 6 yrs
  • Badge program
  • Compete locally
  • Compete in Prince George
  • Participants are not ranked


  • Walking to 16 years, for boys and girls 
  • Develop fitness
  • Fundamental skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Build strength


  • Safe and effective
  • FUN!
  • 5–10 week programs
  • Postural control
  • Develop strength
  • Book through the office

High School

  • Grades 8–12
  • After-school sport
  • Beginner to advanced
  • Team sport
  • 2 or 4 hours/week
  • Register early!

Xcel Competitive Program

  • For girls
  • A dynamic team environment
  • Attend competitions
  • Expand opportunities beyond recreational
  • Must attend 1 local competition
  • Must have the option to attend 1 out-of-town competition

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Competitive Programs

Entrance by invitation or by try-out only. If interested, or for more information, please call or email us at rec.coordinator@shaw.ca. Technics Gymnastics Club has different levels of competitive athletes and all our programs are designed to promote progressive, structured learning in a safe and healthy environment. Competitive artistic gymnastics is a wonderful, challenging endeavor, which requires hard work and dedication and commitment to be successful. The benefits of such efforts are many and are highly valued by all athletes. Gymnastics is the foundation to all sports. Pound per pound, gymnasts are found to be the strongest athletes. From our young pre-competitive and developmental athletes to our provincial stream members, we develop strong minds in strong bodies able to deal with the challenges of being a competitive athlete. For more information about the JO Program, click here.

For more info on Competitive Program: COMPETITIVE MEMBERS HANDBOOK


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Recreational gymnastics include all non-competitive programs offered within our club, and schools. Recreational gymnastics is available for all age ranges, abilities and program goals. These programs are geared towards having fun, developing fitness, and acquiring fundamental skills. Gymnastics provides a solid foundation of important skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and overall body awareness that can be transferred in to all other athletic activities. Athletes will continue to practice skills not yet mastered while being challenged with new skills, according to their individual strengths and abilities on each piece of equipment. Come help build your child’s athletic future while enhancing their self-confidence, self-esteem, and a strong healthy body.

Walking to 5 years

Parent and Tot (walking to-3 yrs)
Designed for active toddlers and parents. Explore the freedom of movement, music and gym equipment in a fun and safe atmosphere. (Parent participation is required)

Preschool-Gym (3–5 yrs):

Using the Active Start approach, here the independent busy youngster will play games, explore space, jump, swing and roll.

Youth Classes
Ages 6 years and up:

A national badge level program. Here, young athletes learn the fundamentals and fitness of gymnastics while having fun. Badges are provided at the completion of each level. Levels: Burgundy/red; Tan/bronze; and Purple & Up.

We have classes for all levels of Parkour!  Our Certified coaches can teach you to flip, tumble, and leap through your life!  What is Parkour? click here  https://wfpf.com/history-parkour/

Trampoline and Tumbling – Junior or Intermediate
Participants learn several fun trampoline tricks & skills to keep them safe & busy on any home trampoline.  Earn badges or learn at your own pace, choice is yours.

Teen and Adult Classes

Adult Gym
Flexibility training, Conditioning and all levels of Gymnastics training. 19+

Jr & High School

Grade 8–12, all levels and abilities. We support BC School Sports. In this class we focus on skill building for all levels and encourage all of our teen athletes to represent their High School by participating in competitions if desired.


The Xcel competitive team program is for girls who want to be part of a dynamic team environment, attend competitions and expand their gymnastic opportunities beyond recreational.  Gymnasts must attend 1 local competition and have the option to attend out of town competitions.  

Gymnastics Class

High School Gymnastics

Our High School Gymnastics Program is for anyone and everyone in grades 8–12 and is supported by our local high schools as an after-school sport, much like wrestling or volleyball. Every athlete has the opportunity to compete for their school at local competitions and at the BC School Sport Gymnastics Championships every year, or can simply train for fun and opt out of competing all together. The levels of competition vary from the beginner to the advanced, making it achievable even for the newest of gymnasts and the highly skilled gymnast.

High School gymnastics is quite a unique class being that teens of all gymnastics experience take part and support each other as a team.   This class welcomes teens with no experience, teens that were in gymnastics as a child, ex-competitive, or recreational kids that feel they’ve out grown the program.  With the option of 2 or 4 hour per week, it is easy to fit into the busy teen schedule of homework and life responsibilities.

Please be sure to register early as this class is very popular and fills up fast!


Our Interclub program is a fun based class that meets once per week to put their skills together into Artistic Gymnastics routines and for a little extra time to master the skills they are currently working on.

Minimum age requirement is 6 years as of December 31, and all athletes must be registered in a badge program.

All Interclub athletes are encouraged to compete in Gold Pan Invitational meet and the Prince George Invitational meet.  Meets provide gymnasts with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills that they have incorporated into routines. At Interclub meets, participants are not ranked, and all receive a participation award.  For more information on Interclub click here.

If your child is interested in Interclub, please call the office for registration!

Class times

Wednesdays 3:30pm–5:00pm

*All athletes are required to secure a competitive suit with a refundable deposit of $120.00.

Floor Routines

  • You must provide music for your child on a CD or flash drive to the office or your child’s coach prior to booking
  • If your child requires additional work on a routine, you may book a private lesson $35/hour. Please pay for private lessons at the office.


GYMskooL programs are developmentally, safe, effective and FUN. School programs can operate on a field trip basis, for a 5 to 10 weeks program. All programs can be adapted to meet your needs! These programs build basic gymnastics skills as building blocks in a systematic way so that all can achieve. This is an opportunity for your students to learn and apply safe landing skills inherent to all sports and the playground. Gymnastics is the foundation for all human movement!


GYMskooLs programs teach postural control, safe landings and body awareness that will lay the foundations for sporting life skills. Staff is nationally accredited. GYMskooLs staff believes in using positive motivators and quality control aids to ensure learning outcomes. GYMskooLs programs develop strength, spatial and body awareness that impacts on the development of coordination. This is an opportunity for students to develop gymnastic skills in a safe, FUN and dynamic way. GYMskools programs are booked only through our office, and are not affiliated with any private operations. By booking through our office, this enables our club and community to benefit from government grants in which helps our club to promote gymnastics. All proceeds go directly to the club when booked through our office. We are a non-profit organization that is run by a board of directors. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the club. Call to Book your GYMskooL experience today! 250-747-3992

Gymnastics is the foundation to all sports and all human movement All GYMskooL programs are developmentally, safe, effective and FUN. Longer or shorter school terms … all programs can be adapted to meet your needs!


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